To create one's world in any of the arts takes courage.

                                  - Georgia O'keefe                                           



Alison Caiola, Talent Manager, for actors, singers,dancers, and writers, is a veteran in the entertainment industry whose clients have successful careers on Television, in Feature Films and on Broadway. Alison and her team are proud that many of their clients are award-winning actors.

Alison Caiola Management works side-by-side with all the top talent agents and casting directors in NYC and LA.  Alison has also worked with such industry greats as Steven Spielberg, Tom Cruise, and Kevin Costner.

Caiola's experience in the entertainment industry is the foundation for her success and uniquely qualifies her to manage talent: 

  • She works with her clients to unleash their innate abilities and guide them to hone their skills in the most organic and authentic process. 
  • As a writer, she has the ability to deconstruct scripts and help her clients understand what the screenwriter's intention was when writing the scene.  She has the talent to translate that intention to even her youngest client.
  • Caiola taps into her years of past experience as E.V.P of Entertainment Marketing & Public Relations to work with her clients and their parents to develop sound career strategies. She is also able to advise her working actors on critical marketing and publicity strategies as their careers progress.
  • As the mother of award-winning actor, J.D. Daniels, she understands, first hand, the challenges and rewards a parent of an actor faces. She has the ability to help and guide her clients and their parents through their extraordinary journey.​

Alison is also the award-winning author of The Lily Lockwood Series: The Seeds of a Daisy and The Silver Cord. 

Alison Caiola Management is now accepting submissions from children, teens, young adult and adult actors, singers & dancers.